Innovation Ideas & Teams

Innovation Idea #1 : CovidSchoolTracker


Welcome to the Covid-19 School Tracker! Click the Data tab to see school data from each state. I try to update the data daily; however, not all states update their data daily. Some update their data weekly.

Data comes from each states Department of Health or Department of Education.

I recently noticed that there was lots of detailed data about Covid-19. However, as schools started reopening, I became worried about case counts in my school and neighboring schools. I soon realized that it was difficult to access this data, and often inaccessible. I also learned that the data was spread apart over multiple websites and that there was no one website to find them all.

This website was created to help easily inform the public about what case counts look like in Public Schools all across the United States. Here's the website address: 

The project contributors: William Wu, Heta Shah, Catelyn Yam. 

Innovation Idea #2 : Wearable Homecare Assistant

Designed by a Chinese elementary school student together with his father, to sense the baby's body temperature and noise, set alarm to remind the caring nurse. More application scenarios could be explored. 

The project contributors: Yanchen Hao. 


Innovation Idea #3 : Music Mastering Service

Music mastering is an essential step in the music production process that takes years to perfect. Professional mastering artists cost a fortune, and the cheaper alternative of using automated mastering software lacks a creative human touch.

We want to create a hybrid mastering service that combines the speed of intelligent software to do the bulk of the work, with the creativity of authentic human ears.

The project contributors: Undergraduate from Suffolk University

Innovation Idea #4 : CampVan

Covid-19 has forced many American kids to stay at home, unwillingly. Thus, finding after-school activities for their kids is more important than ever for the parents, if they don’t want their kids to play games all day long. However, it can be painful for parents to find good after-school activities, other than hearing from their close friends. On the other hand, it is also hard for after-school program organizers to promote their activities to parents, and some of them even go bankrupt if they cannot switch to on-line teaching or find enough students. 


CampVan will perfectly solve this dilemma, through a centralized marketplace for after-school activities as well as a social chat platform for parents. Its vision is to Connect Every Parent. 


  • It is a social chat platform for parents to easily communicate with each other and share information, especially around the same classes their kids take, either in school or after-school.

  • It is also a centralized marketplace for after-school classes and activities, where parents can easily browse and search based on their locations. 

View the product demo here:  

Innovation Idea #5 : Airblock

Airblock is a SaaS platform that improves turn-around-times by digitizing documentation processes in real-time using permissioned cloud so aviation companies can be efficient, and avoid penalties. 

The aviation industry ensures the highest levels of operational safety, for this reason, maintenance performed in every aircraft and aircraft parts needs to be strictly documented. This process is complicated, time-consuming, error-prone. The industry losses every year $50.8M dollars for a grounded airplane, and $6B dollars for penalty fees, while there is some digitalization within the industry.

The project contributors: Brian H. Hough, David Garcia, Roy Stone, Marcos Rosales, Matthew Sylvestre




Innovation Idea #6 : BytePal AI

BytePal AI, which is a friendly and empathetic AI chatbot that listens and cares for you when there is no one to talk to. Inspired by this problem solving intention:  Covid-19 has distanced us from our families and friends, such a tool can help when you need someone to have a conversation with empathy and emotional touch. ​

Innovation Idea #7 : DirectSeq Biosciences

DirectSeq Biosciences, they develop a new LC-MS-based method for direct sequencing of RNA and have filed two patents and published two seminar papers below: 1) Zhang N et al. NAR, 2019, 47:e125;  2) Zhang N et al ACS ChemBiol 2020, 15: 1464-1472. Inspired by this problem solving intention: Directly sequence RNA without cDNA; Sequence multiple Modifications once and for all, rather once a time. 

Innovation Idea #8 : Trustiics

Trustiics Inc. is a Canadian corporation based in Ottawa, Canada’s capital city, with offices in Toronto, Shanghai and Beijing. is an online marketplace where small and medium-sized enterprises and individuals with international legal needs can get quality legal consultation, legal translation or legal due diligence directly, conveniently and affordably. is a legal marketplace that leverages the expertise of the best-trained legal professionals in foreign jurisdictions (with China being our first market) to provide expedient and high-quality consultation to international small and medium-sized businesses and individuals facing legal issues in that particular market. We provide a platform where international businesses and individuals such as expats can access direct, convenient and affordable legal services provided by well-trained English-speaking legal professionals from the local jurisdiction. 

We help international students and new immigrants with top legal help, connect businesses with trusted international lawyers, and book one-on-one live calls with legal experts overseas.