Event Theme

      The innovation can be a concept related to any aspect of your life, including study and professional work, social life, interaction with all stakeholders in the society. Covid-19 related innovations are highly desired but not required. Covid-19 has transformed all aspects of people’s lives on an unprecedented scale and impacted every industry and every business. But the pandemic has amplifying innovations. You or your team’s goal is to develop innovative products, technologies, applications or business processes to shape the future of what we live and strive to be.


      Some of the sample needs and related innovation areas are,

  • There is an increasing need for building personalized yet shared virtual communities either in the workplace or social environment while in person interaction is minimized.

  • More robots are undertaking new responsibilities to perform tasks that humans may be otherwise incapable of performing due to risk of exposure to Covid-19. Smart devices used for contact tracing, monitor patients, or even manage data collection and analysis in healthcare.

  • We have also seen digital applications that increase efficiency and improve user experience for supply chain and logistic services.

  • Application to motivate teenagers be more self-disciplined in using social media.


      Your innovation can be used for the industries such as transportation and logistics, robotics and automation, medical and life sciences, etc. for a meaningful purpose to benefit either the public in general or a selective group of people.